Friday, September 19, 2008

Rainy Renegade Pictures

So Renegade Got Rained on Pretty much the whole two days! It was Pooring rain, when we unloaded our cars, set up, our tents were soaked and weighed down by buckets of rain on top, that would drip onto our clothes. It was Insane! Katie and I tried to keep our spirits up and have a good time despite the misfortune. I appreciate everyone who came out to the fair when they were just getting drenched the whole time. People had umbrellas, and rain boots, ponchos and all sorts of gear. The people who put on Renegade told us it was the Most rain Chicago Has ever seen in recorded history. We Were so glad you could come out and support us, in the horrible weather! Thanks again, and hopefully in years to come, that doesnt happen again! uggh. what a pain...oh and it was bright and sunny monday morning. I still have a ton of merch left over, so please come and check it out! SHOP AD LOVE

Thank you again! for Your support and kindness!

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