Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Adorable Fall Handbag

New Perfect Sling Handbag - Crossbody Hobo
Royal Purple Blue, perfect Fall Fashion Accessory!
Great Price

TEAL Green Crossbody Hobo

DIY Home-Vinyl Wall Decorations

I kept seeing these fabulous vinyl Tree wall decals on etsy, but dont have the $$ to spend right now, and I researched a little and figured out how to make them myself for about $15 bucks!

And you don't have to start off with something this large, make a bird, or a cute frame cut out!
Good Luck!

Here is the process:

Step 1:
Design your wall decals and either draw them or print them out on your computer. I created a rough sketch on my computer, and then printed it out, OUTLINES only, and attached the paper together with tape.

Step 2
Place your drawn paper on top of vinyl and cut out shape (add little textures and details if you want, notches for trees etc)

Step 3

Place vinyl decal upside down on transfer paper

Step 4
Dust or clean off wall area if dirty. Then Peel off a top portion of vinyl backing, and stick the Transfer paper to the wall

Step 5
Use a squeegie (from screenprinting) to smooth decal to the wall (squeegie over transfer paper)

Step 6
Peel off transfer paper and voila!

Final Product

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Special Edition - Limited Time Deal Tops

Limited Time on sale Until Nov. 1st. (getting married and shop will be closed for month of November, then item will go back to original price)

Special Edition Hand Dyed
Hand Splattered
Messy, Funky, urban

Hand screenprinted
Each one is unique and made one at a time!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NEW FALL Dresses and Tunics!

Totally Adorable Dresses, Tunics, and Vests!

Monday, October 5, 2009

MAJOR SALE!!!! Handbags and Tees!




Fun Treasury!

Great Treasury! Thanks!