Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DIY Home-Vinyl Wall Decorations

I kept seeing these fabulous vinyl Tree wall decals on etsy, but dont have the $$ to spend right now, and I researched a little and figured out how to make them myself for about $15 bucks!

And you don't have to start off with something this large, make a bird, or a cute frame cut out!
Good Luck!

Here is the process:

Step 1:
Design your wall decals and either draw them or print them out on your computer. I created a rough sketch on my computer, and then printed it out, OUTLINES only, and attached the paper together with tape.

Step 2
Place your drawn paper on top of vinyl and cut out shape (add little textures and details if you want, notches for trees etc)

Step 3

Place vinyl decal upside down on transfer paper

Step 4
Dust or clean off wall area if dirty. Then Peel off a top portion of vinyl backing, and stick the Transfer paper to the wall

Step 5
Use a squeegie (from screenprinting) to smooth decal to the wall (squeegie over transfer paper)

Step 6
Peel off transfer paper and voila!

Final Product

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