Saturday, September 27, 2008

Items of the Day!

Beautiful Watercolors by Rachelstudio
i love the details in her paintings! Just my style. i love watercolor!
Ring By zulaserfing

4 comments: said...

How cool!!!
What an honor to be a part of all these wonderful things you feature in your blog!! I'll put a link to you on my blog too : )

Pfeiffer Photos said...

The Siamese is just gorgeous!

gillberk said...

Angel D'Amico is a Chicago based Freelance Illustrator and Designer. Loving life and living her dream, Angel has a unique sense of style and a wide range of skills from drawing to painting, digital art, graphic design, playing and composing music, hand screen printing - AD LOVE Clothing and accessories, book making, sewing, photography, crocheting, cookie making, and some other random skills. She Combines her fine art skills with her digital artwork, to create beautiful, unique, and exotic environments of work.


Leigh said...

LOVE that last one!!