Friday, August 22, 2008

Favorite items of the day!

So Voz Clothing and art added me on flicker, i added her found some awesome things in her shop, saw that junkprints was one of her contacts, i added junkprints, and found a whirl wind of new items, i have never seen from junkprints, her great website, and blog and more and more. Got to love the internet. I also just loved the amazing felt beads by Mimosa Designs.

• Amazing Dress and Sweatshirt by JUNKPRINTS (I could easily find a million items to post from Junkprints but that would take up my whole blog, check out her etsy, flickr, and website yourself!)

• Felt Beads by Mimosa Designs

• Purse and bangles by Voz Clothing and Art

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