Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Favorite Items of the Day!

Favorite items of the day! LOVE THEM ALL!
wish i could buy each one of them! 
UPDATE: August 20th, I bought the Owl Necklace plus they made me some Adorable earrings to go with, and i bought the pink, 1aeon shirt! had to have it! :)

jumper/trousers by quesara
handbag by pego
owl necklace by macrame
v-neck by 1aeon


Brandon said...

I must agree I love theme all too!


Cherry Lane Jane said...

great picks! I love the bag from pego!

Angel said...

Thank you Melissa, and Cherry Lane Jane!
I love saving up my favorites,and posting them together! Its so fun!

The Two Smiling Girls said...

Also if almost a year later, thank you very much for featuring our owl necklace in your wonderful blog!