Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bachelorette Party Ideas

I recently Threw a cute bachelorette party for my bestfriend. And i thought i'd share, my budget conscience ideas... I saw those bathing suits online and thought they were so adorable but, $80 bucks! oh my gosh, i was like I could make this. So thats what i did. I bought a bathing suit from American Apparel, and the Iron on transfer and Made it myself. Same with the Bride to be Dress. And she looked SOOO adorable in it later that night! So flattering, with a pair of leggings and heals!  I went to hobby lobby and found this fun Outdoor Umbrella, on sale, and thought what could i do with it? So i Hung some of my gifts for the Bachelorette, and Made it a Panty Umbrella! She loved it!  It was a very tasteful and fun time!

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