Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I love about MuShu

Things I love about MuShu

The way he wakes me up every morning with kisses and cuddles for about an hour laying on my chest,

The way he follows Donnie to get ready in the morning, and sits in front of the door as hes leaving.

The way the tries to wake me up until I start working, and then falls asleep on my desk, :)

The way he works with me all day, from printing, to packaging, then I give him the back of the paper label to play with.

The way he stands next to me and meows until I stop working completely and kiss and love him.

Or he plops right in front of me on my desk and uses my arms as pillows so I can’t work :)

Or stands RIGHT infront of me on my desk and puts his forehead to my lips so I kiss him.

The way he RUNS to the fridge every time I walk into the kitchen

The way he steals lettuce, spinach, strawberries, and pretty much anything on the counter, puts them in his mouth and runs around with them in his mouth :)

The way when I open the door, he runs down the stairs, (only when he knows im gonna come after him) with his CUTE fluffy butt, and legs, and then when he gets to the bottom, I come down the stairs, plop him over my shoulder and he just hangs over my shoulder all the way back up! He loves it

When I open the front door at the bottom of the stairs, I hear him jump down from his bed, and then he waits at the door, until I take my shoes off and meows until I open the door. And then snuggles and purrs

I love the way when he hears the shower turn off, he runs into the bathroom and gets ready for me to brush him. And we have mama and mumu brushy time….

The way he hears Donnie come in and greets him at the door

The way at promptly around 8pm he gets the case of the crazies, and runs back and forth through the apartment, leaping and flying over sofas, actually CHASING Donnie from room to room. Doing a Turn/slide to stop, because hes got too much fur between his toes.

The way he makes me feel SO LOVED back, is unreal. And has never been felt by a pet before in my life.

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my name is also Angel :) im a fellow blogger and design student i just wanted to say totally love your work and blog, its awesome, keep posting the original content and work :D