Friday, May 15, 2009

Phillia's Tattoo

Last year or so, I illustrated a tattoo for a friend/client in new york, who I have never met, anyway she facebooked me, and I got to see so many pictures of her with the tattoo I designed and it looks awesome, I am so excited!

Here are some pic's its the koi fish with cherry blossoms


MiaMia said...

I've been IN LOVE with this tattoo ever since I saw it on you homepage 2 (?) years ago. I love the cherryblossoms, who are so feminine, compared to how they normally are drawn in a tattoo. I've actually concidered having it done (a bit smaler), but I didn't think it would be "fair" to you and the girl who had is... would you ever concider making another tattoo-design?

Love your work
/Mia-Linh, Denmark

Angel said...

of course i could design another tattoo for you! contact me at
Thanks so much!