Monday, June 23, 2008

Back from our New York Minute Trip!

We went to New York, for 2 days, and did as much as possible! Including: walking the brooklyn bridge, to manhattan, walking on broadway to SOHO, greewich village, union square, and madison square park, then taking the subway to the MET, seeing the Jeff Koons exhibition on the rooftop! which was amazing, then walking down through central park, to times square! ALL IN ONE DAY. Then we went back to brooklyn by subway and cab, and went out to eat, locally in town. 

The Next day, we went to visit Etsy Labs, walked by fulton street markets, Up to an awesome Pizza Place, Then Went down court street to find my LAST name on a coffee shop!...How awesome! We then went back, and got ready for the Fact and Fancy show Opening, which was amazing, thanks Danielle and Christine, the place looked amazing, and they were so wonderful! After that we went to dinner and walked around brooklyn some more, then went to the brooklyn heights promenade, and went right under the Bridge! it was beautiful, Got some amazing icecream, a drink and went back, the next day to chicago!

Phew, Fun, and crazy, and amazing, New York, is really great! 


Art by Sophie said...

wow! how cool! your pics look great, new york really lights up at night.

sounds like you had fun & packed loads in. I would love to come and visit new york for a weekend, but its quite far from the UK, lol!


Angel said...

Hey Sophie,
thanks so much! It was a ton of fun! Definetly worth the trip! I Would love to go to the UK too! hopefully someday!
Keep in touch, thanks for the comments